DJI Osmo Action review – GoPro should be worried

DJI Osmo Action review – GoPro should be worried

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The DJI Osmo Action is DJI’s first entrance into the action camera market and its great! The Osmo Action is taking on GoPro’s Hero 7 with its SteadyRock stabilization, 4k 60fps video, 1080p 240fps slow-mo, and screw-on filter system.

The DJI Osmo Action was announced on the 15th of May during DJI’s ‘Unleash Your Other Side’ event. The DJI Osmo Action brought a few standout features with it, such as its dual screens, screw-on filter system, SteadyRock stabilization and DJI’s great software and app to go along with it.

The Osmo action is a great camera worth a look at with its features and image quality. The Osmo Action will damage GoPro’s market share and continue to be a great option for anyone that is looking to get an action camera.

The DJI Osmo Action comes with a frame, curved and flat adhesive mounts, quick release plate, a battery, battery case, locking screw and a USB C cable. The Osmo Action comes in at 65x42x35mm, a 12MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor, a bitrate of 100mb/s, 4k 60fps and 1080p 240fps slow motion.


Build quality
The Osmo Action is constructed out of hard plastic along with a rubberized finish. The camera has a good weight in the hand with a sturdy battery mechanism. The battery used metal clasps which I’m sure will add to the durability of the camera.

Screw-on filter system
One of the best features found on the Osmo Action is the screw-on filter system allowing the ability to add ND filters in a matter of seconds. The filters and mounting screw are also constructed out of metal adding to the durability of the camera.

Front facing display
The addition of the front-facing display on the Osmo action is a game-changer. The ability to view what the camera sees without needing to look at the back is great, allowing vloggers to see what they are recording along with the ability to quickly change modes and checking the battery without needing to look at the rear of the camera or app.


Simple app
The DJI Mimo app is great but does lack a few features which can be found in GoPro‘s app. While you can see a live view, change the settings and control the camera via the app it does lack editing and social media features. With a camera like this, we would love to see the ability to take our photos and videos edit them quickly via the app and then upload to social media.

Lacking GPS
The Osmo Action, unfortunately, does not have built-in GPS. This means you are not able to add cool graphics like speed, distance, and elevation to your videos, while it’s not a big loss its feature we want to see in the Osmo Action 2.

You can pick up the DJI Osmo Action from the DJI store for $349 (AUD$499), on sale for $299 with various accessories available including an extendable tripod, extra batteries, and a wrist mount.

DJI Care Refresh is also available for the Osmo Action for $29 (AUD$59) which gives you up to two replacements within a year for a small charge.

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Thanks to DJI for sending out the Osmo Action for us to take a look at.