Beagle 2 Neo – a perfect FPV drone for everyone

Beagle 2 Neo – a perfect FPV drone for everyone

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The Beagle Neo 2 looks to be the perfect FPV drone for beginners and seasoned pilots wanting to have some extra fun in the sky. Neo 2 is the latest drone from Beagle who has previously created the easy to build Beagle Drone Kit.

Beagle Neo 2 is already over 50% funded on Kickstarter and looks to be the perfect introductory drone for the FPV world. The extra features such as the cage surrounding the propellers, smart controls and the stability flight chip are sure to make flying the Neo 2 a great drone to fly.

The Beagle Neo 2 comes in two variations, a normal Beagle Neo 2 that includes the controller, the drone, case, 6 batteries, 8 propellers, a fast charger, quick start guide and 2 stickers or you can pick up the plus version which includes all previously mentioned parts along with a pair of FPV goggles.

The Beagle Neo 2 is a combination of a modern design and advanced technologies – engineered from the ground up to provide the most immersive drone experience for both beginner and professional flyers!

The Beagle Neo 2 is equipped with an HDR FPV 120 degree camera, 1s 240mAh Li-Po removable battery (x6) with a range of 400 ft, a total weight of 52 g and a size of 100mm. The drone has a flight time of around 5 minutes and is flying thanks to 4 17000 kV motors.

The Beagle Neo 2 is currently on Kickstarter for $99 (AUD$146) which for the package is an unbeatable deal. The Neo 2 adds onto the normal FPV drone with smart controls, safe design, and the exclusive stability flight chip.

We hope to get our hands on a Beagle Neo 2 once it has been released and test it out! Would you get the Neo 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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