Interview with DRL Sim Tryouts winner Amari

Interview with DRL Sim Tryouts winner Amari

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Last week DroneDJ got the chance to interview DRL’s Sim Tryouts winner, Christian Van Sloun, aka Amari. The Drone Racing League is wanting to get more people into racing by leveraging esports and its drone racing simulator.

The Drone Racing League is the only sporting league in the world to bring in people wanting to become a drone racing pilot through an esports platform. Players fight it out in DRL’s Simulator with the overall winner getting a spot in the next season of the Drone Racing League.

We thought it was a great interview and want to share it with our readers.

Tell us a little bit about yourself Amari. How did you get into drone racing? What made your tryout?

I stumbled across drone racing by accident! I was home on winter break from college back in 2016, and I remember watching some Overwatch videos on YouTube, and one of the thumbnails on the side of my screen caught my eye. I forget exactly what it said, but it was something to the effect of “Drones Racing at Dolphins Stadium!” I clicked on the video and the rest was history. I was immediately hooked and knew I HAD to get in on that. Competition, hand-eye coordination, and fast paced-adrenaline filled racing were all the traits that drew me to drone racing, and I saw it all first on the video from DRL’s 2016 Season.

I quickly began researching the DRL, how to get on, and how to get one of those LED plastered drones. This is when I learned that the DRL was an incredibly exclusive and prestigious league, only the best of the best were invited to race in the league, let alone get a DRL Racer drone…

Head over to DroneDJ’s article to read the full interview and learn how Amari was able to score a perfect 10 across all five heats.

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