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DJI Power 1000, Power 500 battery stations leak

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Images of what appears to be two upcoming power stations from DJI under the names DJI Power 1000 and DJI Power 500 have leaked online.

The leaks come from @Quadro_News on X and appear to show both product names a long with a photo of the front of the DJI Power 1000 showing off some of its physical features. The mention of DJI creating an outdoor power bank was first teased by OsitaLV in a post on X.

DJI Power 1000, 500 leak review

This leak confirms that there will be two DJI Power models, the 1000 and 500. Power 500 weighs 8kg while the Power 1000 weighs 14kg. Additionally

On top of the weight mentioned directly in a post from Quadro_News, the only other information we can get is from a product shot. Above the product shot is the word AI along with Chinese characters. A rough translation seems to refer to AI generating an overview, likely leaning towards DJI Power using AI to give an accurate overview of power station status, run time remaining, and other important bits of information.

The DJI Power 1000 looks to have two international outlets for AC power, a large display in the middle for control and status information, a smaller panel to the right of the display, and what looks to be two 12V outlets similar to what you would find in a car.