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DJI enterprise teases new product: Shaping the World event

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While many await the release of the DJI Mic 2 later today, DJI Enterprise has released a teaser for its ‘Shaping the World‘ event being held January 18th, 2024 at 8am EDT.

Update: DJI has released DJI Modify, its first 3d model editing software.

DJI’s Shaping the World event

DJI Enterprise’s Shaping the World event hs come as a surprise to all with no previous knowledge or leaks of the event and the product the company is planning on releasing. However, from the short video teased by the company we can get a rough idea of what the product or software could turn out to be.

From the short video we can see a PC monitor with a taskbar at the top, featuring a back button and several manipulation controls, which look to resemble those related to 3D modelling software. Looking at the rest of the video, we can see a building going through the monitor, with one side being complete and the other a tessellation line drawing of the structure. As the structure is ‘passing through’ the monitor it becomes complete.

Rather than being a drone of some sort, this guides us in the direction of the company expanding on its FlightHub 2 software, potentially adding a major new feature, or even a separate software product altogether.