DJI trademarks Neo Flip drones

DJI trademarks filed for DJI Neo, DJI Flip drones

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More DJI trademarks are in. DJI has filed two more trademarks for what could be upcoming drones, DJI Neo and DJI Flip. Joining DJI Romo, which was also filed on the same day.

DJI Neo & DJI Flip drones

Both trademark applications were made on December 7th, 2023, and both feature the following goods description, confirming they are indeed new drone models.

…cover the categories of unmanned aerial vehicles; drones; civilian drones; camera drones, other than toys; photography drones; camera drones; drones and their structural and replacement parts and fittings.

Other than the above plain text images from the filing we have nothing more on these upcoming drone models or series from the company. We already know that DJI has a number of drones focused on capturing videos and photos within different price points. At the moment, the company only has two FPV drone, both with a focus on capturing videos and photos.

Could Neo and Flip be additional FPV models with a slightly different focus? Rather than content creation could one be a racing drone and the other an acrobatic freestyle type FPV drone? What types of drones do you think Neo and Flip will be?

The DJI trademarks for Neo and Flip join a number of other DJI trademarks that are yet to see the light of day. This includes the above mentioned DJI Romo trademark, which covers robotic vacuums (so expect to see a DJI robot vacuum in the future) and DJI Avinox which looks to be the second generation of the DJI Avata FPV drone.