Airdata DJI flight log processing

Airdata slowdown, record amount of DJI flight logs

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Airdata is currently processing a “record amount of flight logs” as a result of DJI‘s decision to disable flight record syncing for US users due to the looming threat of the drone giant being banned from the country.

Airdata DJI flight log processsing

Upon logging into Airdata’s web-based portal, users are being shown a pop up titled, “DJI to Disabled Flight Record Sync in the US”. The pop up goes onto explain that because of this change from DJI, Airdata is now seeing a massive uptick in flight logs being added to its platform before the change is made by DJI. This massive uptick is resulting in processing times taking longer for all Airdata users due to the large queue of flight logs waiting to be processed.

Airdata have shared that they are increasing their capacity to handle the “unprecedented volume” but ask users to be patient as it will take some time to get through all the flight logs.

Why is DJI disabling flight log syncing in the US?

DJI decision to disable flight log syncing is a direct response to the growing pressure to ban DJI drones in the United States due to “ties to the Chinese government” and “national security worries”. To try and please the US, the company has made the decision to completely remove the option to sync flight logs into DJI’s cloud on June 27th.