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First look at SPECTA drones and Cogito Techs Ltd

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A new drone company, SPECTA by Cogito Techs Ltd entered the market late last year with FCC listings popping up for two of its drones, the SPECTA Air and SPECTA Mini.

But who is behind SPECTA and why does its drones look identical it’s DJI equivalents?

Who is SPECTA?

SPECTA is drone brand owned by Cogito Tech Ltd, both with very little results on the internet. The company has the following on its website, “Hong Kong-based startup company working on innovative products such as consumer-grade robots. Our pre-production products include drones and unmanned vehicles, among others.”

Interestingly, the company’s website is built using Google’s site builder and its compliance, security, report a bug, and contact us links don’t work. There is a support email though.

Is SPECTA a DJI brand?

According to SPECTA themselves, they are in no way associated with any other drone companies, aka DJI. The company calls themselves a “Hong Kong-based startup company working on innovative products such as consumer-grade robots.”

However, based on the identical nature of its products with DJI, there is a high likelihood they have a licencing deal with DJI or another 3rd party and are doing so to get around the looming DJI ban coming in the United States. Similar to Anzu Robotics on the enterprise side.

Current SPECTA drones

SPECTA currently has two drones on its website, with one being available to purchase in the United States via Amazon. We expect the SPECTA line up of drones to expand to match DJI’s line up of consumer drones, including the Mavic, Avata, and FPV.


The SPECTA Air (TQFDUB2), if you couldn’t tell from the name is essentially the DJI (Mavic) Air. The SPECTA Air features wide and tele cameras, omni-directional obstacle sensing, 46-minute flight time, 4k/60fps HDR video, smart flight modes, and 20km image transmission.

Which all line up with the specs of the DJI Air 3.

Looking at the Amazon listing for the SPECTA Air, it flies and feels like the DJI Air 3 with a few missing software features. Likely on an older firmware and yet to be released by SPECTA. It currently has a 15 reviews with a 4.7 out of 5 star rating.


The SPECTA Mini (TQFDUB1) is, from the images looks to be a DJI Mini 2 SE with a 31-minute flight time, Under 249g weight, 4K video, the usual smart capture modes found on DJI drones, and 10km video transmission.

Interestingly, a few of the specs for the SPECTA Mini don’t match the Mini 2 SE’s specs.

We will continue to monitor SPECTA and see what they release into the future. As for now, it is highly likely that these are rebranded DJI drones.