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DJI Avinox smart e-bike powertrain specs and app shared

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Specifications for DJI’s soon-to-be-released DJI Avinox smart e-bike powertrain have now shown up online ahead of it’s launch this week.

DJI Avinox specs


According to the specifications leaked, DJI Avinox will come in two options, a 600Wh and a 800Wh battery variants. Both variants have a rated output power of 250W with a 850W and 1000W boost mode.

In normal gear, Avinox has 105nm of torque and 120nm of torque in boost mode. Avinox is legally able to go 25km/h in the EU and 20mp/h in the U.S and is IP66 rated.


Both battery options are Lithium ion, have a voltage of 35.9V and are IP56 rated. The 800Wh battery has a capacity of 22.3Ah and a weight of 3.7kg. The 600Wh battery has a capabity of 16.7Ah and a weight of 2.78kg. It is unclear if the weight is for the batteries alone or the whole unit together.

168W and 504W chargers are mentioned in the specs and take the following times to charge each battery

  • 168W charger
    • 0-100%:
      • 800Wh – 6 hours 10 minutes
      • 600Wh – 4 hours 45 minutes
    • 20-80%:
      • 800Wh – 3 hours 30 minutes
      • 600Wh – 2 hours 26 minutes
  • 504W charger
    • 0-100%:
      • 800Wh – 3 hours
      • 600Wh – 2 hours 40 minutes
    • 20-80%:
      • 800Wh – 1 hour 15 minutes
      • 600Wh – 1 hours 12 minutes


DJI Avinox will feature a 2-inch OLED panel with 800 nits of brightness with support for USB-C fast charging, Bluetooth 5.1, 4G connectivity, GPS+Galileo+BeiDou+GLONASS+QZSS, has 8GB of storage, and is IP56 rated.

Avinox features the following sensors:

  • IMU
  • Compass
  • Air pressure
  • Wheel speed
  • Torque
  • Cadence
  • Ambient light

There is also a wireless dial device that might be used as a throttle or a power/mode selector.

DJI Avinox app

Along with the specs, a screenshot of the DJI Avinox app has been shared giving us an early look at the interface of the app.

The screenshot shows us the battery status and mode DJI Avinox is in, the location of the bike, an option to adjust the assist modes, security, and bike screen display.

The app is split into three tabs, one for the device, account, and a third that looks to be stats/history tab that will display past rides with trajectory, speed, cadence, and power data with support for sharing with Komoot and Strava.

As for other features we currently know, Avinox supports accident detection and anti-theft with the ability to lock the device and use your phone as a key to unlock it as you get close to it.

All of this has been roughly translated into English, so exact wording and features might vary.

Source: X/Twitter