Amflow PL E-MTB DJI Avinox

Introducing Amflow PL e-MTB with DJI Avinox powertrain

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Amflow has released the Amflow PL, its first electric mountain bike and features DJI’s Avinox powertrain. The Amflow PL is designed to deliver unparalleled performance and comfort and marks DJI’s entrance into the e-bike market.

Amflow PL

The PL’s ultra-light carbon fibre frame weighs just 2.27 kg, offering breathtaking speed and agility. The PL offers an impressive 850 watts of peak power in an ultra-light build weighing just 19.2 kg. This powerful drive system provides exceptional acceleration and performance, allowing riders to tackle steep inclines and long distances with ease.

Designed and manufactured by DJI, the DJI Avinox Drive System is seamlessly integrated into the Amflow PL. The Drive Unit features a compound planetary gearset with an industry-leading power-to-size ratio. This system infuses the bike with the type of cutting-edge hardware and software that has made DJI an industry leader in drones and camera stabilisation technology.

The durable, high-strength polymer material inside the Drive Unit effectively suppresses noise during high-speed gearbox operation. With multiple precision sensors built-in, combined with advanced DJI algorithms, the system provides strong, smooth assistance for a wide range of scenarios and conditions.

In addition to traditional assistance modes of Eco, Trail, and Turbo, the DJI Avinox Drive System features a specialised Auto mode that adapts assistance in real-time based on road conditions and riding position. Boost mode provides 120 Nm of torque and 1000W high-power assistance for challenging trails or steep inclines.

The PL’s Walk Mode features intelligent walk assistance for easy incline traversing, Auto Hold to prevent rollback on slopes, and Hill Start Assist for additional torque to get you started on inclines. It also allows stationary gear shifting for a smooth and intuitive experience, making it easy to manoeuvre in any situation.

The Avinox Drive System’s battery weighs just 2.87 kg and features ultra-high energy density for extended range. After 500 full charge-discharge cycles, the battery still maintains 80% of its initial capacity, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. The palm-sized GaN charger can charge the battery from 0% to 75% in just 1.5 hours, providing quick and convenient power on the go. This fast-charging capability means less downtime and more time enjoying your ride.

The frame design features cutting-edge geometry, offering balanced performance that is both lightweight and hyper-agile. This versatile geometry allows riders to easily take on rugged trails and technical rides, making the PL a truly adaptable e-bike.

The PL is compatible with both 29 and 27.5-inch rear wheels, accommodating both sizes without altering the frame’s geometric centre of gravity. This compatibility ensures that riders can customise their bike to suit their riding style and preferences.

The advanced four-bar linkage structure significantly reduces pedal kickback while improving pedalling efficiency. The rear shock, co-tuned with FOX, offers sensitive initial stroke response and powerful end-stroke support to prevent bottom-outs during high-speed impacts or steep descents, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

The Control Display, a 2-inch full-colour OLED touchscreen integrated directly into the frame, displays real-time ride data and estimated range. It enables quick changes of the display content with a simple slide, providing riders with all the information they need at a glance. The Bluetooth-enabled Wireless Controllers connect to the Control Display, allowing convenient assist mode switches while riding. The Avinox app enables riders to review comprehensive data and sync it with Strava, making it easy to track and share your riding performance.

The Amflow PL eMTB and all DJI Avinox Drive System components are certified by authoritative organizations such as TÜV SÜD, UL Solutions, and TÜV Rheinland. Amflow also conducts extensive reliability tests for frame strength, water resistance, and long-distance transportation, ensuring product stability and safety in extreme environments.

Pricing and availability

The Amflow PL is not ready to order right now, but does let you sign up to receive an email when orders open later this year in Q4 2024. Amflow has mentioned that it already has dealers in China, Germany, the UK, and Australia ready to go so we expect to see the PL release in these countries first. There is no mention of the US and other countries at this point.