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DJI Avinox, an e-bike powertrain for Amflow Bicycles?

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Images of a new e-bike from Amflow Bicycles have appeared online with co-branding from DJI, specifically with DJI Avinox branding. Suggesting the drone maker is venturing into electric motors and powertrains for e-bikes.

A move which sees the company continue to diversify its offerings as a U.S. ban continues to loom.

DJI Avinox

After first appearing online in August 2023, we know have a clearer understanding of what DJI Avniox is after new leaks have confirmed it is in fact an electric motor and control system for electric mountain bikes. In the image of the Amflow event poser below, we can see an e-MTB at the top of the image with DJI Avinox branding on the motor housing itself. There is also DJI Avinox branding found on the charger in the photo above.

From the images, the DJI Avinox product looks to be the whole powertrain side of things, from the motor and battery to the control circuitry. It appears to be a tightly integrated package with the battery integrated into the frame of the Amflow bike based on the charging connector going directly into the bike.

Amflow: Power to the Peak event

Along with leaks of the electric mountain bike was a teaser for an event with the name of “Power to the Peak” with co-branding from DJI and Amflow. The event will take place in Germany on July 3-7th at Eurobike 2024 and will likely act as a launch event for Amflow’s bike and the company.

Amflow’s Eurobike 2024 profile shares an insight into the company. As a side note, Amflow’s website is also listed and currently displays an “IP address not allowed to connect” error message.

Riding at heart. Freedom in mind. Innovation at hand. Flow in everything. This is AMFLOW – the next gen e-MTB experience for all. Created by tech industry experts with an unlimited passion for riding mountain bikes, joined by renowned engineering partners and bike designers, AMFLOW bikes integrate one of the smartest and most powerful e-Drive systems on the market into a unique, captivating and sleek form factor – smoothly combining peak power with lightweight materials, high-end technology with focus on the essential, natural riding feel with seamless connectivity. AMFLOW intentionally starts up at Eurobike 2024 – to enter the e-MTB world and greet all passionate riderswith a big fat high five: Powerful lightness. Hardcore balance. Ultra connectivity. Brutal simplicity. Ultimate flow.


Amflow & DJI

Baed on data filed with the USPTO, Amflow, legally as Amflow Bicycles Shenzhen Co LTD. registered for trademarks on the Amflow name and logo back in June and December of 2023 respectively. DJI filed the Avinox trademark back in August of 2023.

There is nothing that currently links to the two companies together legally other than Amflow appears to be a new company releasing its first product in collaboration with DJI and DJI is releasing its first electric bike product with Amflow. Connecting the dots, it seems like this could be DJI’s venture into the electric bike and mountain bike industry.

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