Lynk Co 06 EM-P electric car DJI drone

Lynk & Co 06 EM-P electric car adds DJI drone support

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Geely and Volvo’s Lynk & Co car subscription venture has updated its 06 EM-P electric car with support to fly DJI drones directly from the infotainment display.

BYD and DJI recently teamed up to release the BYD U8 drone edition. An eSUV with a with roof mounted DJI Mavic 3 Pro drone and battery-swapping dock.

Lynk & Co 06 EM-P partners with DJI

The Lynk & Co 06 EM-P allows DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro, Air 2S, and Mini 2 drones to be controlled via an app in the car’s infotainment system. Opening the app with the drone turned on automatically sends it to the camera feed of the drone. On the screen, there is the option to use ActiveTrack, take-off and land the drone, and camera controls. The feed also shows operation stats of the drone.

Just like the BYD and DJI collaboration, this seems to be purely for content creation purposes. It’s interesting to see the car and drone combination come to life over the last few months with DJI at the forefront. To date, a number of car manufacturers have been exploring similar ideas through testing and patents.

Watch the full video below, going through setting up the drone, using the DJI app, and having the drone follow the car as its driving.

Source: @Quadro_News via X/Twitter