DJI Mini 4 Pro specifications

DJI Mini 4 Pro specs leak, bigger battery, same camera

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Within days of release, DJI Mini 4 Pro‘s specifications have fully leaked online, giving us a little more info on the upcoming drone, with some interesting things to note.

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DJI Mini 4 Pro’s bigger battery

The most notable change that we see in the newly leaked specs is the capacity of the Mini 4 Pro’s battery. First of all, the specs say the Mini 4 Pro is compatible with the Mini 3’s Intelligent Flight Battery Plus, but not the standard Mini 3 battery. It also says its compatible with Mini 4 Pro’s standard flight battery.

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So Mini 4 Pro will use a new standard battery. Lower down, it shows the mAh of the Mini 4 Pro battery, which is 2590mAh, an increase of the Mini 3s standard battery which comes in at 2453mAh. This is likely due to improvements in DJI’s battery tech over the last couple of years.

While DJI doesn’t explicitly say the Mini 4 Pro is compatible with the Mini 3 Pro’s standard battery, it almost certainly will be, as it has to be the same dimensions as the Mini 3’s Plus battery. DJI could software limit the old batteries, but we don’t think it will. It will just mean you get a shorter flight time as the additional sensors will use extra battery.

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The rest of the specs

Other than the info on the Mini 4 Pro’s battery, the rest of specs don’t really tell us anything new about the drone. Instead, they confirm the existence of features when it comes to the obstacle avoidance and DJI’s O4 transmission system, and the lack of a major upgrade when it comes to the camera system.

Source: @Quadro_News