Know your drone, a message from CASA

CASA is once again promoting drone safety in the latest email sent out. Drones are becoming a common sight in the skies around Australia, and this means more pilots need to learn the rules and fly responsibly. CASA has been working with companies and manufacturers to create safer skies for drones, planes, and helicopters.

New CASA-verified apps

CASA retired its drone safety app, ‘Can I Fly There?’, and partnered with Wing Aviation to create OpenSky. OpenSky allows you to know if you can fly in the exact location you are in. CASA also hopes to have a few other apps coming out shortly.

Buying a drone?

Earlier, we reported CASA was partnering with drone companies to get safety info out there. All drones purchase will now have a new drone safety logo on products from participating companies. More companies have now joined including, Rise Above Drones, Officeworks, Sphere Drones, and ZERO X.

Training providers

If you are looking to get into the drone world by flying commercially or wanting to start a business, CASA has a list of training providers. The list includes some of the best training providers in Australia that provide theory and practical lessons.

Helpful resources

CASA has also created a list of resources you might want to take a look at before flying for the first time. The list includes factsheets, a quiz, and posters. CASA has even translated the drone safety rules into 20 different languages, including, Korean, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.

Are you eligible for CASA sponsorship?

CASA is opening up sponsorship opportunities to companies and events promoting drone safety. You can get up to $5,000 to get a chance to promote drone safety to Australians. If you think your company or you could get some extra money to help to promote drone safety, fill out the form.

By Josh Spires

Josh started out in the drone community in 2012 with a drone news Twitter account. Over the years Josh has gained mass exposure from his aerial photography work and spends his days writing drone content for DroneDJ websites as well as pursuing his business dronenr. Josh now has over 80 million views on his aerial photography.